What’s New: Harrison Lipton – “Happiness!?”

Dream-pop meets a refreshing blend of RnB and disco in Harrison Lipton’s new single “Happiness!?” from his upcoming EP Strawberryys, set for release later this year. The EP will include a few already-released songs (such as “With U” featuring Pecas) along with some brand new material.

“Happiness!?” is Harrison Lipton’s love letter to NYC and he hopes that the accompanying music video will offer a beacon of light for those feeling dim in these dark times:

“I first came up with this idea for a video pre-quarantine, but now this depiction has a tinge of melancholy to it. As a city, we’ve been through so much. We’ve had great moments, like coming together to protest, creating community fridges, etc., but we’ve also had terrible moments, like countless incidents of police brutality, battling Covid-19, as well as struggling small businesses and venues. I hope this can encourage people to remember how amazing NYC is when we’re at our best, and i also hope everyone can continue to show support + donate what you can to help our venues.”

The music video for “Happiness!?” features the happiest lil strawberry dude just bopping through the streets of NYC, passing some of Harrison Lipton’s favorite landmarks of the city (Baby’s All Right, Rough Trade, the Brooklyn Bridge, and more). Harrison let me know that although it’s easy to identify himself as the strawberry, he also identifies as the little pear seen about a minute in, sitting outside a bar reading a book and drinking wine. The music video includes a plethora of Easter eggs and is accompanied by on-screen lyrics in case you feel so inclined to sing-along (high chance you will).

Video by Harrison Lipton (director), Oda Johansen (animation), and Genevieve Andrews (director of photography).
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