Artist Spotlight + What’s New: The Cool Greenhouse – “Alexa”

UK-based The Cool Greenhouse dedicate their latest single “Alexa” to the world’s beloved stereotypical subservient female automaton. Part loving serenade and part qualm-airing, “Alexa” is infinitely bouncy, sharp-witted, and humorous. It ricochets between the allies of post-punk and avant-garde/divergent music while retaining its idiosyncratic voice. The band’s backlog can affirm that this is consistent with their brand – their debut self-titled LP from earlier this year contains a rolodex of topics including 4chan and cardboard men (and pets), and was accompanied by a “mystery seed” competition.

The Cool Greenhouse claim that “Alexa!” is without a doubt the most powerful song ever made, and this is fully supported by the song’s paradoxical properties;

“Don’t worry we don’t need any press for this one just stick a bunch of virtual assistants in a room and get one of them to play the track it should be able to get to number one on its own eventually, cheers.”

The band shares some witty remarks involving lost translations; including a Girl Band reference and other band names that can be taken ambiguously, such as their own: “When you ask to Play Girl Band / they play the Shangri-lahs / And when you ask to play us / They call the greenhouse suppliers.” +10 bonus points for the Cortana reference in the song, too. Master Chief would approve. Listen to the chaotically minimal rendition of “Alexa” below and also check out the (equally as chaotically minimal) music video featuring an “Amazon Warehouses” animation by Charles (Pico) Rickleton.

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