What’s New: Brothertiger – Paradise Lost

Brothertiger mixes chillwave and electronic-pop for a textured, dreamy brew in his latest album, Paradise Lost. Following his ambient concept-based Fundamentals, Vol. 1 from earlier this year, Paradise Lost offers a balanced counter with an equally full sound, dotted with melodic choruses. The LP is also Brothertiger’s first full-length album of original material in five years.

Paradise Lost represents the reality of how one’s expectations for “paradise” can change over time, and how what seems “lost” can actually symbolize growth. Although it can feel hopeless when you see the landscape of your once-paradise change right before your eyes, accepting this change within yourself and/or environment is natural and necessary to existence. John Jagos of Brothertiger shares how he experienced this ‘loss of allure’ with NYC:

“New York City’s lost a lot of its glimmer when it comes to music… A lot of this album is about my frustrations about possibly leaving the city, as well as my yearning to escape somewhere else.”

In his reflection, John comes to terms that “paradise” to an individual will always be changing, therefore always sought after. John discusses more of this feeling in “My Canopy”; searching for your own personal nirvana where everything is perfect and you are content. Accepting that this is part of life and growth, and that “paradise” may not exist anywhere and that’s okay.

“Paradise doesn’t exist, and that’s okay. And even though it’s okay to keep searching for paradise, it’s also okay to accept things the way they are.”

John lands on optimistic existentialism in discovering that the idea of “paradise” is a moving target and accomplishing it means accepting that. “Livin'” is this realization that peace can be found by not ruminating too much on it.

“The song is about doing your own thing and not worrying about how other people think you’re living your life.”

Listen to Paradise Lost below:
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