What’s New: Dead Ghosts – Automatic Changer

Surfy psychedelic-garage band Dead Ghosts have returned with their new album Automatic Changer, which is out now on Burger Records. Following 2015’s Love and Death and All the Rest, the new record is a result of the band’s experiences and evolving soundscapes over the last half-decade. With creative and recording spaces ranging from a barn, a basement, and a studio, a definite grassroots-DIY sound shines through in Automatic Changer. While the band succeeds in staying true to their origins established in 2010’s debut self-titled record, Automatic Changer simultaneously showcases a refined and fuller evolved product.

Throughout Automatic Changer, you receive an instant aroma of familiar salty surf-rock with “Freak,” the album’s opening track. Magnetized organs propel the album forward while strumming guitars ease you along for the ride. The band admits that lyrically, some songs are more experiential and personal while other songs materialized with an abstract approach, based on how words sounded when welded together. Overall, Dead Ghosts serve an album that combines surprisingly well with the current events of quarantine and uncertainty, offering a relaxant as balance to offset an otherwise stressful time.

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