What’s New: Yolkdrop – Yolkdrop

Yolkdrop are a mildly eccentric, full-of-surprises indie rock group based out of Bloomington, IL. The band is comprised of members Kevin Latz (lead vocals, guitar), Grant Mitchell (bass, keys, programming, backing vocals, guitar), Liam Fisher (drums, percussion, backing vox, guitar), and David Kociak (guitar). The band recently shared a nostalgic collage-style music video for “Simulation’s Had Enough,” taken from their new self-titled album. The video (below) is sort of an homage to the local music scene in Bloomington. Grant shares that the music video was inspired by a traumatic shooting that took place outside a house show, and the uneasiness felt in the community afterwards. “There were a lot of people who came out with negative vibes about the house show scene after the shooting… That’s what I wanted to capture in the video, the joy of going to a house show and being around people like you.” Check it out below:

Yolkdrop’s new self-titled album features a range of sounds and requires the listener to buckle in with an open ear. It starts with a subtle injection of glamorous art-pop with “Mary Shelley’s a Goth Chick”, followed by a balance of animated doo-wop, shining through in “Valentine and I.” Although a bit sporadic, Yolkdrop achieves a sweet glaze finish with healthful indie ballads throughout (“Necromancer” and “Move Along”).

Listen to Yolkdrop below:

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