What’s New: Tunnel – “Walking the Vine”

Tunnel play a variety of ambient progressive-rock with a dark, electronic undertone. “Walking the Vine” is the first single from the duo’s upcoming full-length album, Out For a While, which will be available on April 10th. Kevin and François of Tunnel explain that this album is “a solid documentation of the growth and expansion of our music into more song-form compositions, without losing sight of an experimental approach.”

“Walking the Vine” definitely fits into a production that is driven as more song-form, as opposed to Tunnel’s debut EP Don’t Go Straight, which highlights instrumental, composition-heavy tracks. On creating “Walking the Vine,” the band explains how the song came about; “Kevin accidentally triggered the synth loop heard at the beginning of the song and began to drum on top of it, which led to the track’s birth. It became clear to us that a voice was needed, and so “Walking The Vine” became Kevin’s vocal debut.”

Listen to “Walking the Vine” below:

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