What’s New: Merce Lemon – Ride Every Day

Ride Every Day is out now on Pittsburgh-based label Crafted Sounds. The tape is Merce Lemon’s combined reissue of her first two recordings Girls Who Jump In EP (2018) and full album Ideal for a Light Flow with Your Body (2017). Additionally, the singer-songwriter/folk artist has added three brand new tape-exclusive songs; “Tuna Fruit,” “Garden Marble 53,” and “Bleeding Hearts In My Backyard.” Ride Every Day also includes an exclusive reworking of her demo “Moon Shots,” which was previously found only on the Crafted Sounds compilation mix, Bridges.

The involvement of Great Grandpa’s Dylan Hanwright in both of Merce Lemon’s 2017 and 2018 releases brings a level of technical experience to the otherwise raw and intimate arrangements. Lemon’s concise, yet insightful discography often reflects upon ideas surrounding water and fluidity, and how it relates to the body, identity, and memory. Upon first listen, it is obvious that Merce Lemon is sharing an honest piece of work that is equally as unique.

Listen to Ride Every Day below:

Ideal For a Light Flow With Your Body (Tracks 1-10)
Girls Who Jump In (Tracks 11-16)
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