What’s New: Peel Dream Magazine – “Pill”

Peel Dream Magazine’s new single “Pill” merges fuzzy shoegaze with a hint of modern-swaying psych. This single is the premiere track from the band’s forthcoming sophomore record, Agitprop Alterna, which will be out April 3rd, 2020 via Slumberland Records. The album thematically takes a deeper look at topics surrounding the power of personal freedom over manipulation, and “Pill” specifically examines the “inundation of performances of normalcy and fulfillment that fuel our desire to consume – self-medication for the pain of doubt, want and need.”

Peel Dream Magazine was musically set in motion by NYC’s Joe Stevens, who initially started the project as a solo pursuit. After releasing his 2018 debut album Modern Meta Physic under the moniker, Joe evolved Peel Dream Magazine into the more permanent form of a band that will be touring in 2020 and heard on the forthcoming album.

The release of the band’s new song “Pill” is supplemented with an equally-psychedelic retro music video (below).

Stay up to date with Peel Dream Magazine through the following social links:
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Support Peel Dream Magazine by purchasing and streaming their music via Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

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