What’s New: Blood Knows – “Cool Water”

Blood Knows has a brand new easy and breezy yacht-rock inspired single “Cool Water” that came out this week on Neighbor Records. Upon first listen the song will have you instantly chilled out, transported pool-side humming along to the uplifting melody. The new solo project comes from Perth-based artist Leigh Craft, who’s also known for his involvement in smooth dream-pop duo Flower Drums with Aden Senycia.

Reflecting on a time period of transition and breaking routine, “Cool Water” is meant to represent this moment of change and regeneration in Craft’s life. The original song demo was recorded in 2018 while Craft was living in a small apartment in Melbourne, Australia. He shares that the song is about the struggle of having to consider your affect on others while also balancing and fulfilling your own needs.

“The song is about wanting these moments of rejuvenation but also having to consider how that would affect people close to me. In my case I was living with my partner who seemed happy with our situation, so for me to mess with that felt unfair, but is it more unfair to remain unhappy or be honest?” 
– Leigh Craft, Blood Knows

Staying true to the bedroom-pop genre, the entire recording and production of “Cool Water” was done in Craft’s bedroom at home and all instruments were played by himself, minus the saxophone. At the time of creating the song, 80s funk and disco was on rotation for Craft – which in turn heavily influenced the drums and bass you hear on the track. The utilization of his Prophet-6 synth was the icing on the cake for accomplishing the aimed-for 80s sound heard in the final product. Craft’s childhood friend Tim Sherry completed the final mix of the song, which was special for the two because this was their first time getting to work together on music.

Listen to “Cool Water” below:

If you like what you hear above, be sure to check out Blood Knows’ premiere song “HALO” and accompanying music video directed by Tom Mannion and Caitlin Moloney.

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