What’s New: pâle regard – “Bus de nuit”

In their latest single, pâle regard from Paris, France brew a luxurious blend of silky bedroom pop and lo-fi yacht rock. The relatively new French-pop group was formed in 2018 by friends Ferdi (drums), Quentin (bass/synth), Capucine (vocals), Fanch (guitar/vocals/bass), and Hugo (synth). The name pâle regard is sort of an inter-linguistic cognate between French and English, as Fanch explains; “pâle was a perfect match to portray melancholia and nostalgia.. Regard was another word that meant ‘look’ in French, but in English it meant ‘consideration.’ We found that the combination of those two was a perfect fit for a real care and consideration about melancholia, which is following our own definition of melancholia; Not sad, not happy, but right in the middle.”

Monotonous big-city living is a recurring theme in pâle regard’s upcoming EP, Terrain Vague. According to the band, “Bus de nuit,” which translates to “night bus,” is “a delicate ballad that portrays a day in the life of a Parisian waitress. The song follows her through the night on her way back home in this grey, concrete, dangerous city. She lives a monotonous life, but still shines in the night like the layers of synth that illuminate the song.”

Although the bustle of a city can become cumbersome and redundant, pâle regard succeed in making something beautiful out of, and with it. The band’s encompassing and unique recording process adds a subtle layer which creates a charming authenticity; “It was all recorded in an old Parisian chamber/bedroom with a really minimalistic setup, and you can hear noises from the streets and imperfections on the recording.”

“Bus de nuit” is from the band’s second EP Terrain Vague, which is expected for release on January 17th, 2020 via McBess’ label Dirty Melody Records.

Listen to “Bus de nuit” below:

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