What’s New: Bananagun – “Out of Reach”

Melbourne psych-jangle rockers Bananagun have shared the new A-side single “Out of Reach” ahead of their 7” coming February 2020. The band explains that their goal with “Out of Reach” musically was to be “vibrant, colorful, and with depth like the jungle.” This ambience is accomplished with a smooth-sailing tune on top of an upbeat musical backing and the occasional melody-matching flute. To put in Banagun’s terms, it’s “like an ode to nature.”

Though “Out of Reach” musically is has an impression as a sun-soaked-sided-die, lyrically the song dives into some complicated love-centric emotions; such as confusion, risk and adjustment, and everything in between. Nick, Bananagun’s frontman, explains a little deeper his writing process and inspiration behind “Out of Reach”:

It’s located in the heart and is basically me dealing with a break up and putting that into a song. Love is strange? You jump in the deep end with someone, roll the dice and pay the price but there’s no floatation device when the river runs dry.

I just got married and then suddenly it all turned pear shaped, what the hell can you do? In those hard times the best way to get some clarity is to make a song about it, sing it back to me! Look inside, no answers, only dancers. Hopefully there’s an energy transfer.

– Nick, Bananagun frontman

Listen to “Out of Reach” and stay tuned for Bananagun’s new music coming in 2020.

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