What’s New: Luna Rosa – “Corrugated Steel”

In their new single “Corrugated Steel,” Luna Rosa orchestrate a modern take on alternative-psych by bringing pieces of familiar psych-rock and post-punk together with deep-stylized vocals reminiscent of UK indie-pop artists such as Yellow Days, Cosmo Pyke, and King Krule. The English quartet, from the Eastern Midlands of Northamptonshire, is comprised of Rory McDade (guitar/vocals), Aidan Furey (lead guitar), Jack Connolly (drums), and Charlie Thorneycroft (bass). Today the band shares “Corrugated Steel,” a song that was “written amidst the country falling to its knees” and is “inspired by the everyday people, surviving everyday.” Recorded on the day Prime Minister Boris Johnson came into power, Luna Rosa hope that they can provide a little solace, a little escape to those listening who may be equally as disheveled.

The name “Corrugated Steel” is derived from Luna Rosa’s industrial hometown. The band explains how in Northamptonshire, most individual’s lives are spent in Corrugated Steel factories on a Corrugated Steel industrial estate; “It’s a manufactured roughness & toughness that we all have to adopt whilst working in factories to get by.” Rory McDade (guitar/vocals) wrote the song while working in a factory that kept getting shut down because working conditions were not up to standard. “It was the only job I could get at the time… The pay was minimal and I was with an agency that couldn’t guarantee hours or shifts. At the time the political world was crumbling and for me I couldn’t see a way out. Until the government changed its ways I was always going to be stuck in this Corrugated Steel box. Living to work and not working to live.” The song was jotted down during McDade’s 15-minute break in the factory’s cafeteria.

Found the change to refurbish the palace but callous in your malice
As half your people fucking rot.

Cause I’m homesick for a place that doesn’t exist
Longing for a feeling I never had but somehow missed
And I’m running from the thought that this is it
All my loves been lost in transit
I don’t know if I can go along with the show.

“Corrugated Steel” follows “I In the Centre of Pride” and “MK Ultra” from the band’s forthcoming EP, out in early 2020. Listen to the new single below:

“Corrugated Steel” along with the rest of the EP were recorded with Gavin Monaghan at Magic Garden Studios in Wolverhampton.
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