What’s New: NovaBound – Sevenths

In his new album Sevenths, New Jersey-based musician and digital artist Andrew Agulto of NovaBound takes you on a chilly bike ride through a changing autumnal suburban city-scape. The album, comprised of seven songs, loosely mirrors the seven stages of grief; Shock, Denial, Guilt, Anger, Depression, Reconstruction, and Acceptance.

  1. The moody opening riff of “Angel & The Starman” describes a bit of the Shock experienced; “I never dreamed that you would take me home, but now the dream is over and I’m all alone.”
  2. In “Shattered Eyes” (track two) NovaBound addresses the Denial factor; “Times are changing, we’re all getting old. Don’t believe all the things you’ve been told they’re a lie, behind those shattered eyes.”
  3. In “Under The Sun”, the Guilt stage is faced head-on; “I know I said you don’t belong but don’t give up too soon, but now you’ve got me lost forever on the dark-side of the moon.”
  4. “For love I surrender, the prize I got to pay.” is NovaBound’s Anger showing through in “For Yesterday.”
  5. Depression creeps through in “Favorite Color” – “You know I’d do anything to hear your sweet, soft voice again”
  6. Things take a turn upwards in “Coast to Coast” – showcasing the stage of Reconstruction; “When I searched for her in those eyes, she was not to be seen… Swimming in the sea, drifting far from me”
  7. The final phase of Acceptance is covered in “Another Time,” with acknowledgement that “the clock moves forward.”

The concept was largely influenced by Andrew’s first-hand experience of going through the stages himself, following an intense break-up in 2015. With the help of his brother Arthur Agulto (guitars) and his mentor/friend Kevin Basko, the formerly vaulted demos were given a new life and direction years later in the studio. Through the seven tracks, NovaBound guides you through a head-bopping emotional journey of highs and lows, turns, and new destinations.

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