Premiere: Floral Fauna – “Pink and Blue”

Floral Fauna is a new psychedelic-pop musical project birthed by San Diego-to-Los Angeles transplant Chris Allison. It began as a creative outlet and soon flourished to become a more realized concept, and Pink and Blue is his debut album under the moniker (coming December 9th). In the album you’ll find traces of jangly garage-pop, mixed with hues of hazy psych-rock that perfectly balance each other to result in an emotionally-charged tonal harvest.

Premiering today is “Pink and Blue,” the first song Chris wrote for Floral Fauna after returning from a six-week Europe trip. “It was a confusing time,” he recounts. “I found myself between jobs and without immediate direction. I was experiencing culture shock coming back to a place (Southern California) that I’ve lived for all of my life.” In “Pink and Blue,” Chris captures the fleeting, disorienting feeling that he was introduced to during that time. “It was the first song I wrote off this whole album, and sent me down this path… By the time I finished the song, I had a job and a general north star for my life’s trajectory.”

Photo by Jade Aposhian

During the recording process of Pink and Blue, musical challenges of unexplored waters surfaced but were overcome with the help of friends and collaborators.

On the fish out of water theme, I tried using instruments that I’d never used before. After ordering things off menus I often couldn’t read for weeks on end, not knowing what I was getting into was very comfortable. It was my first time poking at synthesizers. Since I was jobless, I tracked most of the guitars/bass during the middle of the day when neighbors and roommates were busy working.

The drums were recorded in my garage by secret weapon Geoff Halliday (from Hands), who had mixed the first EP for my other heavy psych project Lord Loud. He’s been a bit of a guru on my journey to make this, counseling me on mixing/engineering/gear. Everything was pretty DIY and the treatment of the garage was pretty much 20 moving blankets staple gunned to the walls/ceiling. Recorded on stolen time, with minimal takes, quickly to try to capture a small glimpse into a (thankfully) short slice of my life. That we’re able to transmute our anxieties, hopes and fears to a round, vinyl disk speaks to the magic qualities of music.

Listen to “Pink and Blue” below from the forthcoming debut album, out December 9th via his label King Volume Records.

Also available for purchase on a limited run transparent pink vinyl.
Support Floral Fauna by purchasing and streaming their music via Bandcamp and Spotify.
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