What’s New: Tummyache – Humpday EP

Photo courtesy of Lizzie Steimer

Tummyache from Nashville delivered a primo EP earlier this month, right up the ally for fans of Big Thief and Faye Webster – with a tinge more angst and a lush yet angular, alt-pop underlining. The band, brainchild of singer/songwriter Soren Bryce, had shown much promise prior to this release with only three singles out, which was all it took for anticipation to bubble up for Humpday. The EP includes all three singles, plus two more new songs that round out the niche of carefully orchestrated and emotionally-charged alternative electronic sounds.

Tummyache was born when Bryce sought transition from her previous moniker (self-named) to a new name and genre of music that allowed for more energy and personality to seep through. The fresh sound also acted as a medium for transcribing a wider range of explored emotions. Humpday perfectly illustrates the balance that is found between soft melodic verses and heavy hitting, belted-out choruses. This phonic teetering along with the Tummyache handle (inspired by the side-effect experienced with anxiety) can be a metaphor for Bryce’s confrontation of mental health and a new chapter in her artistic journey.

Listen to Humpday below:

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