What’s New: FRANKIIE – Forget Your Head

All girl dream-rock quartet FRANKIIE debuted their first full-length album today on Paper Bag Records. The album, titled Forget Your Head, discusses a collection of life musings with themes in the realm of self-love and letting go. These are topics that the band feel are very relevant in today’s society and the gentle-psych delivery invites all listeners to take a step back, listen, and float away.

The Vancouver-based band formed in 2013 by friends-by-fate Francesca, Nashlyn, Victoria, and Zoe. After a few years of intermittent touring, playing, and short breaks, it only seemed natural for the friends to gravitate back together in recent years to complete their first album.

The opening track’s hypnotizing bass line (“Dream Reader”) acts to pave the way for a lush melodic walk through the rest of the album. The second single from Forget Your Head (“Compare”) is a song dedicated to the “normalized world of voyeurism” that we live in, and recognizing how important it is to celebrate yourself rather than constantly comparing yourself to others. In somewhat of a contrast, “Glory Me” discusses musings on death and the afterlife.

Overall, Forget Your Head is an n-sided die with several faces that discuss some very serious meditations on modern society, social shifts, and general life musings while also providing soft reassurance and underlying feminine power. Be prepared to be seduced into an uninterrupted dream state with FRANKIIE.

Listen to Forget Your Head below:

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