What’s New: suffer fools – bourgeois death//dopamine ghosts

Teasing the smooth surface of dark dream-pop waters is where you can find suffer fools; wading in the harmonious crosshairs of dance-y, yet cerebral pop-gaze. It’s a lot of senses and sounds to take in at once, which is why suffer fools require multiple listens before you are truly able to hone in on every tangible, intertwining noise. The output is an emotional, bigger-than-life sound that is suited for solitary pensive nights, while simultaneously fitting in to daytime bike rides or an evening out with friends. Far and few is music truly able to seamlessly morph to fit the listener’s state of mind, versus dictating those factors for the listener.

The new two-track single, bourgeois death//dopamine ghosts is the second release ahead of the forthcoming 2020 debut album. Listen to it below and stay tuned for what’s to come!

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