What’s New: binki – “Wiggle”

Binki’s new eclectic indie-rap single “Wiggle” makes its much anticipated premiere today. His knack for smooth basslines wrapped (pun intended) in authentic lyrics made for much buzz in the underground community and “Wiggle”, the appropriately named release, delivered. Following this single, binki plans to drop a new song every month until the end of the year.

The debut single “MARCO” (which had been out for nearly 9 months) had shown traces of easy quirkiness paralleling other status-quo-divergent rappers in the genre such as Yeek and Bakar. Concurrently, binki is able to carve out a a genre-breaking, highly customized sound that transcends to attract and appeal to fans in all musical circles.

Having grown up in a “Suburbs as fuck” Pennsylvania and later living in North Carolina, binki made the decision earlier this year to relocate to NYC, venturing into opportunity and exploration of his talents.

I feel like a big part of being successful in any field, especially creative endeavors, is just being bold enough or naive enough to think you have something to add. So many people give up before they even try.

My goals are pretty nebulous at the moment. I really just wanna connect and collaborate with talented artists. I’d love to perform my music in some capacity, that’s been the mission for awhile.

NYC represents opportunity in my mind. There’s an energy. If you live there, you might inherently have it. If you move there you’re looking for something, and you gotta be driven to survive there. I’m looking for that energy.

binki, paramind.ca

“Wiggle” is a funky hip-hop jam that screams out living life to the fullest (dare I say, YOLO) and dancing through all of life the same, regardless of the times being bad or good. It’s binki’s realization that you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously, and fun doesn’t need to have an inverse correlation to age.

“Why would I ever want to leave, when I could die here in ecstasy?”

“Why ya’ll standing around, when you could be moving your hips?”

binki, “Wiggle”

Stream binki’s brand new song “Wiggle” below:

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