Q&A + Premiere: Annie Taylor

Annie Taylor are a female-fronted psychedelic rock band laced with grunge hailing from Zürich, Switzerland. Since their formation a few years ago, the band has toured around Europe, playing alongside respected artists in their scene such as L.A. Witch, Sunflower Bean, and Kadavar. The band’s seemingly effortless melding of sound combined with catchy melodies shows promise for a strong forthcoming EP.

Today, Annie Taylor will be releasing the first single from their upcoming EP, Not Yours! Give “Under Your Spell” a listen below, and continue reading to learn more about the band’s background and what to expect from them in the near future!

Who’s all in the band and how long have you been playing music together?

Gini: Annie Taylor is Tobi on the lead guitar, Michael on the bass, Jan is playing drums, and I am singing also playing the guitar.

Michi: We started to play our first shows in 2017.

Gini: Yeah that’s right. But Michael and I have known each other for a long time and have sometimes played jams together. Michael is a very good friend of mine and I really wanted him to be playing with me, so I asked him to start playing with Annie Taylor. At first he wasn’t really able to, because he was very busy with other projects.

Michael: So Gini basically started to send me demo songs and when I heard them, I couldn’t imagine anyone else taking the place of the bass player in the band!

I know there’s an interesting story behind the name Annie Taylor, do you mind sharing it here? How do you feel this resonates with the band or your sound?

Jan: Annie Taylor was the first woman, back in 1901, who tossed herself over the Niagara Falls and survived.

Gini: Imagine! The Niagara Falls.

Jan: Before she dropped herself, she actually sent a cat in her barrel over the falls, to check if the barrel is strong enough.

Gini: Well, I imagine she was a pretty tough, visionary and fearless woman – pure girlpower. I guess that’s the message behind “Annie Taylor”. When we formed the band, I was thinking it would be cool to have a GIRLPOWER name. I was researching about emancipated, strong and brave women in history and stumbled upon “Rosa Luxemburg” and “Sophie Scholl”, but these names didn’t really suit us. So someone brought up “Annie Taylor” and we all liked it.

Michael: Also she seemed to be a bit crazy… So I think that’s how we were able to rely on her name 😉

It looks like you’ve opened for some big acts – who are some of the bands you’ve gotten to play with? Did you have a favorite show?

Gini: My favourite show was the one at “Rote Fabrik” when we opened for one of our favourites bands ever, “L.A.Witch”. The Venue is super rich in music history – a lot of cool bands have played there! We’ve played three times with the girls and they are amazing! Such humble and nice people to hang around with.

Michi: Also I loved the “Musikfestwochen Winterthur” festival. It’s one of my favorite festivals in Switzerland, and a great place to discover new music! We had only played 20 shows and got this awesome invitation – I was so thrilled!

Gini: We are super lucky that we have been able to play with and open for some really cool bands like Sunflower Bean, Kadavar and Love ’n Joy, who we met on our last tour. We are also super excited about the show with Sugar Candy Mountain and FEWS in March. I love their music!

So far, where have you played outside of Switzerland?

Gini: Last year we went on our first tour, which was trough Italy and France. After the summer festival season, I was playing guitar with Las Robertas in South America. So we didn’t really have time for another tour since we were recording our first EP just recently.

Michael: Touring in Italy was great! We were so lucky with our venues and hosts, who cooked the best Italian food for us.

Gini: Mhhh, that carbonara.

Michael: Also we got to a lot of cool places, which we would have never visited otherwise. Like this Italian village “Macerata”, which is a very old historic town. I felt like it once was ruled by vampires, that’s how old it is.

Gini: Remember the place where we stayed at? It was so dark and spooky when we arrived…

Michael: …and the next morning, it was this beautiful house with the most beautiful view over the hills of Italy!

Jan: We’re planning a trip in September. Spain, France, and Germany would be nice!

Let’s talk about the new single, Under Your Spell!

Gini: Under Your Spell is the first song we are releasing from our upcoming EP. I am very excited about it! It’s the first song we’ve finished after our summer break and it turned out very energetic. I feel that we got closer as a band which has allowed us to understand each other better, and get to the sound we’re seeking.

Michael: After recording we had more time to invest in the mixing than the previous recordings. We were able to be playful and experiment with different sounds, so I think that also influenced the song in its sound.

What would you say are the band’s biggest musical influences?

Gini: Hard to tell, all come from very different backgrounds.

Tobi: Yeah, but in the end, we all like each others taste in music.

Gini: That’s true. I guess all of us are open minded…. From time to time we send each other our “new discoveries” on a playlist. I mostly like what they send, but also there is times when I can’t stand a song, while someone else loves it. In general, I like female fronted bands, so I think they influenced me the most. I’m thinking of bands like Wolf Alice, Bleached, Courtney Barnett.

Jan: I have a very wide range of music that I like. Right now, Gini has me obsessed with Wolf Alice.

Michael: I love Motörhead. Lemmy is something like my “spirit-animal” – I have a lot of respect on how he handled his music without getting caught up with business… I also was influenced a lot by Black Sabbath and Abba. These were the tunes I grew up with.

Tobi: I love to listen to MC5. Sure they had an influence on the way I am playing guitar. All Them Witches, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Pentagram are also some of my all-time favorites.

When are you expecting the upcoming EP to be released?

Gini: Our first “Not Yours EP” is out in April 26th! Before the release, there is going to be another single coming out in March, also with a video by Dom Foster.

Is there anything about the EP that you’re particularly excited about?

Jan: For me it was the first time in the studio, so this was already super exciting.

Gini: We’ve been playing a while now and I couldn’t wait to finally record. I am happy with the songs and in love with the artwork! Looking forward to share it with everyone!

Will this release be on Taxi Gauche Records also?

Michael: Yes, all singles and the EP will be released through Taxi Gauche Records.

I’ve never heard of Taxi Gauche. Could you tell me a little bit about that label?

Jan: Taxi Gauche is a Zurich based independent record label. Piet Alder, the head of Taxi Gauche, loves psych, surf, garage music and put all his heart in his bands. Through him we met a lot of good people doing music.

Michael: Taxi Gauche also stands for collaborations between bands. There are events hosted by the label who bring together the Zurich music scene.

Awesome. Well Radiotrails is all about music discovery, so something I like to do is ask artists to shout out any other artists that they think me and my readers would like! What are some artists that we should check out?

Gini: I just recently discovered the band Beaches who totally knocked me off my feet. They have super cool guitars and very dreamy vocals! They’re amazing!

And also: When we were on tour we met Robin from Sir Robin & The
. Love their dreamy and energetic sound.

Michi: But let us give you a local band to discover: There are some friends of ours called Dawns Mystery – they are also with Taxi Gauche Records . If you have a chance to see them live, you should check them out.

“Under Your Spell” is Annie Taylor’s newest single, premiering today! Give it a listen below:

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