Q&A + EP Stream: Eyebawl – Gutterbawl EP

Today is the release for Eyebawl’s debut EP, Gutterbawl! The EP is comprised of four hard-hitting songs that are guaranteed to make you angsty about both the present and impending future. Gutterbawl ranges from in-your-face infidelities captured in “Prom Queen,” to systematic moody riffs as displayed in “Better Than Me,” to wistful minors covered in “Feel.” The EP is hard to pin to one category, which is probably the best categorization for an artist in the genre. Full streaming of Gutterbawl is available at the bottom of the post.


Erin of Eyebawl took some time to chat about the band’s origins and inspiration for the new EP, Gutterbawl!

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Let’s start by hearing who’s all in the band and who does what.

Erin Silva, guitar and vocals
Brian “Octie” Bruce, drums
Tyler Yoder, bass

Eyebawl is currently based out of Delaware, correct? Have you all always been from there?

That’s right, we’re from the First State! Tax free, Delaware. Based out of Wilmington, so very close to Philadelphia. And, yes! We’ve always been from here (Delaware).

So let’s talk about the new EP, Gutterbawl. First off, I think that name is hilarious. Was that strickly a play on words or is there a deeper meaning behind it?

When I first moved to Wilmington, things weren’t the best and I was trying to figure things (my whole life) out. I saw the Barbie head in the gutter (the EP cover) and it really resonated with me. I knew I wanted to use the image for something important years before I even wrote a song. The Barbie head, my place in life, feeling like I was figuratively trying to get out of a gutter, eyebawl (tears) gutter balls, gutter bawl. It kind of all came together.


How long has the EP been in the making? 

I wrote the songs on the EP over the course of a few years. The actual EP has been in the works for some months now.

Any recurring themes or inspiration in this album?

The whole EP is a collective story I suppose. Me trying to to get over some things in my past accepting and forgiving myself and others and finally attempting to look at the bright side.

Do you have a favorite song off of Gutterbawl and is there a story behind it? 

I think the last song, Feel, is my favorite.

But Prom Queen has a pretty fantastic story. It’s a true story actually. If you listen you could probably figure out what happened.

I Don’t Wash My Hands is about this time my uncle and I discovered this basically abandoned beach covered in fish skeletons. He hated it. It was the best.

Are you planning on an upcoming tour after this release?

I want to drop this EP and plan a tour for fall.

Are there any artists in the Brooklyn area (or anywhere) that me and my readers should check out?

Some Delaware bands to look out for: Grace Vonderkuhn,

Hoochi Coochi,

Fiancé, Gozer, Moon Flower, Sad Hound.

They’re all friends and fantastic musicians.


Listen to Eyebawl’s debut EP, Gutterbawl, below!


Stay up to date with Eyebawl through the following social links:
Facebook || Instagram
Support Eyebawl by purchasing and streaming their music via Bandcamp & iTunes.
& special thanks to the team at Crafted Sounds for arranging this interview.






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