Premiere + Q&A: Imagery Machine – “Misaligned”

Imagery Machine play female-fronted psychedelic rock with a rolling sprinkle of reggae. The group formed a few years ago, comprising of San Diego locals James, Jennie, Will, and Tyler. Since their conception, Imagery Machine have brought forth a handful of singles, two EPs, and are in progress of a potential full-length – set for release sometime next year. In 2018, the band is focused on releasing a brand new single every month.

Today, Imagery Machine are releasing a brand new dazy single, “Misaligned.” The song’s inspiration draws from the infinite grapple with deciphering life’s overarching purpose, which is something definitely relatable to all. The song contains dreamy anthem-like vocals backed by infectious guitar riffs, guaranteed to get stuck in your head after just the first listen. Streaming for “Misaligned” is available at the bottom of the post.


Imagery Machine and I chatted about their musical influences, glitter beards, and the story behind their brand new single Misaligned!


What’s the current lineup and how did you meet?

The current lineup is:

Jennie Lynn- Vocals, Guitar
James Howard- Guitar, Keys
Will Parsons- Bass, Vocals
Tyler Shimkus- Drums

Tyler: Jennie and I were dating and both in other bands, so we decided to combine our efforts and start a bad ass band of our own, and we met James through Craigslist of all places. Will we met  in the SD scene and he fit in so well with our vibe we got him on board for bass guitar.

James: I was jamming with another bass player, Shane, and we connected with Tyler and Jennie through Craigslist, they were looking for a guitarist and bass player and we were looking for a singer and a drummer so it worked out perfectly. Shane has since moved on and we’ve been through a few different bass players, but we’ve finally found a great fit for our band in Will Parsons, who we met at a show we played together at Soda Bar with Will’s former band Grim Slippers.

How long has Imagery Machine been in the making/ been making music?

We’ve been a band since November 2015, and we’ve been with this line up for about a year and a half.

The name Imagery Machine makes me think of an old timey TV – what is your interpretation of the name / where does the name come from?

Tyler: I have heard TV, movie projector, big robot made of screens, tons more.  Some interpretations are deeper than others.

James: I just like to think of it meaning we are a machine producing musical imagery.

What/who are your musical influences?

James: Robert Smith (The Cure), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Johnny Marr (The Smiths), John Frusciante (RHCP), Jade Puget (AFI), Eric Rachmany (Rebelution), Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Robert Martinez (Boychick, Nite Lapse), Michael Schriner (Giant Surprise, Aquatica)

Tyler: Neil Peart (Rush), Danny Carey (Tool), John Bohnam (Led Zeppelin), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Martin Lopez (Opeth), Matt Cameron (Soundgarden/Pearl Jam), Jimmy Chamberlin (Smashing Pumpkins)

Is anyone in any other local projects?

James: I play in another local band called Retra, check us out!

Who’s idea was the glitter? How often do you find yourself buying glitter?

Jennie: We like to keep things visually interesting to add more to the live performances. We started wearing glitter about two years ago and it quickly became part of our identity. We always have our eyes open for the best glitter and do buy it on the reg. My very good friend Jenny (yes, we have the same name!) is a glitter, makeup, and body painting artist and she has painted me for many of our best shows. She gave me a lot of the supplies, glitter and gems I use today & always creates inspiring looks.

For the men with glitter beards – Do you just find glitter in your beard for days afterwards?

James: There is always glitter everywhere, in my room at home, on my clothes, in my car, in my office at work, the crevices of my guitars, my pedalboard, my beard and mustache, literally everywhere. You’re likely to find 5 different colors of glitter in my mustache at any given time.


First full length is on the way! Will this be mostly compiled from your singles? Anything special about this album?

Tyler: I believe the full length will be compiled of the singles plus maybe some other tracks we will be recording at the same time with Sean Tolley at Clarity Recordings. Really the focus is on getting our singles out on time every month, what happens in January 2019 for the release will be up to the band.

Tell me a little bit about the new song “Misaligned” – what’s the inspiration/story?

James: To me this song is about the struggle with finding meaning in life. It kinda has a cool juxtaposition or uptempo, good vibe music and beats combined with more questioning, contemplative lyrics. “The war is in my head” is the line that resonates with me the most. We actually wrote some lyrics for the song while in the recording studio doing the vocals and it was a cool experience. I’m excited about the way it turned out!


Imagery Machine’s newest single, “Misaligned,” premieres TODAY! Give it a listen below:


Imagery Machine have a few upcoming shows in the San Diego area:
May 26th – Hennesey’s Carlsbad
June 2nd – Thunderhawk Alements
June 9th – San Diego Gypsyfest 2018


Stay up to date with Imagery Machine through the following social links:
 Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || Youtube
Support Imagery Machine by purchasing and streaming their music via Spotify & iTunes.






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