On Rotation: April 2018

This month’s On Rotation playlist features new releases, new discoveries, and lots of new music suggested by artists that have been interviewed on Radiotrails over the last month. It also features a few selections from artists that have upcoming Q&As on Radiotrails. Check it out below!




Mozes And The Firstborn – “Marianne”


Birdy Bardot – “Slowly Know Me”


Omni – “Equestrian”


Hypoluxo – “Sometimes”


Yeek – “Shake”


Yeek – “Only in the West”


Weed Hounds – “Undertow”


Elna Rae – “Sonic”


Beach Youth – “Diary”


P.H.F. – “Soft”


American Pleasure Club – “this is heaven & id die for it”


P.H.F. – “Queen”


Shame – “The Lick”


Phum Viphurit – “Paper Throne”


Bass Drum of Death – “I Wanna Be Forgotten”


Dumbo Gets Mad – “Eclectic Prawn”


Holy Wave – “Habibi”


Darto – “Omniscient”


Knightingale – “White Shadow”


Swell Spells – “Demons”


Knightingale – “Professional Procrastinator”


PINK MEXICO – “Buzz Kill”


Sunflowers – “Post Breakup Stoner”


Sunflowers – “Castle Spell”


Floral Jacket – “Deal”


Cup – “Apparition”


PINK MEXICO – “Shrub Fuse”



Listen to the playlist below via Spotify:

…and be be sure to give the playlist a follow, as it gets continuously updated throughout the month!



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