LUCYS is a brand new band from Los Angeles, CA that play calming dream-pop with RnB undertones that can be compared to Her’s, Temporex, and other lo-fi artists in the genre.

Today, LUCYS release their very first dreamy EP, TTMWIS, and it is something that you do not want to miss out on. Truly, this is one of my top discoveries of 2018. This EP follows a handful of singles that have been steadily released in the recent months (Maybe, Malibu, and In My Head). Check out the full EP at the bottom of the post.


LUCYS joined me for a chat about their writing process and musical influences, the new EP, and what the future is looking like for LUCYS.

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Hi! So let’s go around and hear who’s all here and who does what in the band.

Alexis: My name’s Alexis and I play guitar.

Angel: I’m Angel and I play the drums.

Dan: This is Dan, and I play keys and synth.

Jesse: And my name is Jesse, I play the bass and dance.

How do you all know each other?

Alexis: I originally met Angel in high school, and we were just acquaintances then and never really became friends until after graduation. It might have been a couple of years later when we met again and we were both playing in two different bands. Eventually the bands disbanded and we ended up getting together roughly a year ago. And Jesse was one of my bandmates from the old band. We spent about a year demoing, and then eventually dropped our first single which was “Maybe” – and around that time is when we met Dan. And we met Dan through his old band.

So was everyone part of the band for these first few singles?

Alexis: So for the first three singles, those were just Jesse, Angel, and I. But a lot of the new material includes Dan.

Something that really stood out to me is the sound of the music, it sounds very polished. Honestly, I would’ve believed that the whole thing was done by an electronic artist on a computer because it sounds that cohesive.

Alexis: Well the thing about the polished sound, is that we put a lot of time into the mixing. With Angel, he does a majority of the mixing because he knows all of the technicalities of how to queue it and all that. Also for the songs, we do at least eight different demos of them before we settle on a final version. It’s really hard to get to what we want because the program we use is just very outdated. It works, for what it’s worth – we just work with what we have. But I think it also contributes to the sound being different in a way, because no one else is using such an old program to make music.

So you’re basically a new band, making music just in the last year or so. You’ve to be getting a lot of attention though, have you had any “wow” moments with just the couple singles out?

All: Yeah

Angel: I think the biggest one was when we dropped our first single “Maybe” and it was like damn, we got to about 40,000 listens in a week or something.

Alexis: And we had no fan base, really. We just put the song out there.

Angel: Another “wow” moment we had was when this big local band from LA, The Paranoias, invited us to play at The Union and we were so happy because it actually sold out. And we were having people come up to us afterwards, saying that they came all the way from Coachella to see us. That stuff just means a lot to us, it’s pretty crazy.

So you have your first EP dropping tomorrow, right? How long has this been in the works?

Alexis: We’ve delayed it so much, because with our schedules we have to work around them and stuff comes up. It’s been since we released “Maybe” that this EP’s been in the works. The timeline is something like we wrote “Maybe” in about five days, and then we wrote a few other songs and released “In My Head” and then we wrote “Malibu” and spent a long time mixing that and released it in December. It’s basically been in the works since September.

What are your main influences for the new EP?

Alexis: I think that we all have different influences for how we write. So for me, especially while we were finishing the EP, I was listening to a lot of Marvin Gaye – like too much Marvin Gaye. To the point where I would listen to “Let’s Get It On” and then I would listen to the album and then I started bumping “Keep Getting It On.” So for me it was a lot of older artists – Beatles, Michael Jackson, The Temptations. But a lot of new artists as well – like Rex Orange County, Tyler, just a mixture of a lot of music – and even the Spanish culture, Mana. Those are mine, and I feel like Angel’s as well.

Dan: Yeah and for me, it’s more about the synth part and I love a lot of heavy electronic stuff. So I think in the new stuff it shows a lot more and it’s very synth-y and a little more technical than the other songs. The genre called “psy-trance” had a lot of influence on us and we just discovered it about a month ago. We were finishing the song called “4-U” and we just fell in love with how you can have the mixing in a way where it takes you left and right and take you to another world, and be so vivid and creates imagery in your head.



Who does a lot of the writing, or do you all partake in the process?

Alexis: It’s everybody. Like honestly, there’s not one person in the band that isn’t a writer. Usually one of us has an idea, and we bring it to practice and see where it goes. We do most of the writing when we record, actually.

Lyrically, are there any themes in the new music?

Alexis: A lot of the lyrics, I like to leave open-ended because I listen to artists like Morrissey and The Beatles, and I’ve always noticed that there’s two different types of lyric writing: There’s introspective writers, and then there’s writers that write in the third-person. There’s a lot of different styles but I like to leave it open-ended and I like people to be able to interpret it however they want.

One of our songs, the first one off of the EP, called “Insane Love” – Angel wrote the middle verse, which was “Oh, love I’m lost, insane in denial, you keep me in with desire.” I heard that and I was like, whoa. I worked with it and added in the first verse and the chorus, and for that song the theme is just how crazy love can be, and it’s just a pretty emotional song. It’s like the crazy roller coaster of emotions that you can feel when you like someone or when you’re ready to meet a new person. Or, it also doesn’t even have to with love, it can just be about yourself and loving yourself. It’s about how crazy the concept of love is and how you can physically feel it.

Would you say that one is your favorite song, or do you have another one that might be up there?

Alexis: I think our favorite as a band, is “4-U” because that’s the one song that we all wrote together. Jesse wrote the whole bass line for the song and he just lined it up, and Angel and Dan both added in touches. Everything fits together so well, and we just know that for the upcoming album we’re going to grow and we know what we’re capable of.

Jesse: But then again, I think our favorite song differs for when we play them live. I’d say “Malibu” is my favorite live, because it’s very jumpy and makes you feel very lively.

Alexis: Yeah, what Jesse is saying is that our music is stacked with layers of instrumentals so it’s sometimes hard to recreate live. So we kind of rewrite the songs for when we play them live. “Malibu” is probably the closest that you get to our recordings.

So you do have an upcoming album after this EP?

Alexis: Yeah, we already have about five songs that we’ve demoed for the album. But we’re not going to rush the album, because we’re still in the process of getting better. But it will be within this year. We just want to gather up some better equipment to help us get the sound that we want. We also want to expand a little bit outside of the genre that we are in and explore that a bit.

I also wanted to ask about the cover that you’ve been releasing your singles on, it looks like a patio or something? Where was that taken?

Angel: That photo was taken by one of my good friends, Isaiah (@isaiasmla24). He does a lot of photography, so I was scrolling down his profile on Instagram and I found that picture. That was while we were writing “Maybe” and I just felt that the picture fit the mood of what we were trying to convey through the music.


Yeah, it’s weird how great that photo fits the tone of the music.

Alexis: Yeah, when you release a song it’s like the image that you provide with the music is going to be what appeals to the person, before they even hear the song. It’s like a certain emotion is felt before the song is even heard. I feel that it’s just part of the color scheme that we’re going for, with the royal colors – blues and purples.

Any bands that you’d like to shout out?

One of our friends, Boodahki, is probably going to drop a single in the next few months. Definitely an artist to look out for, he’s probably going to drop some of the best music we’re going to hear in 2018.

YEEK, he’s already doing pretty well.

And Monsune from Canada, he just released a music video and a single. Another artist to look out for.

Do you have any upcoming shows?

Alexis: As of now, Dan and I have an acoustic set coming up at a charity event at a bar in DTLA.

Dan: It’s on March 25th and it’s basically a fundraiser for girls who can’t afford prom dresses. It’s called Hourglass Underground and it’s being hosted at El Dorado Bar, 5pm-8pm.

That’s the only one that we have planned for now, we just want to release the EP and then relax for a little. It’s been stressful, staying up until 6am and then going to work at 8am, it will be nice to just relax.



LUCYS’ new EP, TTMWIS, is out TODAY! Listen to it below:



Stay up to date with LUCYS through the following social links:
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Stream LUCYS’ music on Soundcloud & Spotify.






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