Premiere: Violets Are Wet – “All Right”


Violets Are Wet is a relatively new indie band from New York, being conceived just last summer. Premiering today is the band’s second single, “All Right,” which follows their first single “Clouds” from November. “All Right” features authentic lyrics coupled with vocals that are full of emotion and sincerity. The song was written by Habiba of the band, who was nice enough to open up and share her story behind it:

“The song is named after the venue Baby’s All Right. I’d been on a date (more of a hook-up, really) with someone at a SKATERS show there, and the next morning when I got home and took a shower, I noticed the stamp I’d gotten at the door was still on my wrist. There was a sort of juxtaposition between the fading black ink that said “ALL RIGHT” still lingering on my skin, and the sort of melancholy I felt after leaving the brief romantic encounter.”


Give “All Right” a listen below:


The song starts with a pensive, gloomy guitar riff – which seamlessly reshapes into a bouncy, yet imminently expressive chorus. Habiba explains the specifics of the lyrics a little more in depth:

“Although the melody remains playful, the lyrics are about the (sometimes agonizing) limbo of being in a non-relationship with someone who you want to be in a relationship with.
Trying to brush off emotion for angst (“is this feeling in my chest missing you or is it loneliness”) and waiting for a late-night text that will never come (“a quarter past four, it’s the hour you used to tell me you’re free”); these are pitiable but relatable circumstances.
However, by the end of the song, with the reappearance of the initial keyboard riff — a faint echo of what is once was at the beginning —
I hope that a sense of strength comes across amidst the sadness.”



Violets Are Wet will be playing Mercury Lounge in Brooklyn on February 4th with Dinowalrus and Jade Helm. Tickets for the event are available here.


Stay up to date with Violets Are Wet through the following social links:
Facebook || Instagram
Support Violets Are Wet by purchasing their music on Bandcamp



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