On Rotation: January 2018

This month’s On Rotation playlist features a few oldies that I reconnected with while I was compiling the Best Lesser Known Albums of 2017 list. It also features a few tracks from The Grinns’ new album which released on January 2nd, and some other new releases from last month.


Champagne Superchillin’ – “Fragment”

Shindigs – “You Know It Was”

Cende – “Bed”

Pity Party – “Yellow”

Wakes – “80’s Night”

No Vacation – “Lovefool”

The Grinns – “Golden Hour”

Wakes – “Headlights”

Gus Dapperton – “Moodna, Once With Grace”

The Holydrug Couple – “If I Could Find You (Eternity)”

Jaded Juice Riders – “Agriculture”

Gym and Swim – “Yuuwahuu”

Underpass – “Red Reflection”

HOTT MT – “Never Hate Again (feat. Wayne Coyne)”

The Grinns – “Avalanche”

Bad Kids – “California Widow”

Gus Dapperton – “Ditch”

Cosmo Pyke – “Chronic Sunshine”

The Grinns – “Love Is Not An Enterprise”




Listen to the playlist below via Spotify:

…and be be sure to give the playlist a follow, as it gets continuously updated throughout the month!



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