Festival Coverage: Tropicalia 2017


Earlier this month was the first ever Tropicalia Tacos & Music Festival. The lineup was stacked, the food was delicious, and the location at The Queen Mary harbor was a beyond perfect placement for the colorful fiesta.

This year’s lineup included notable acts such as Chicano Batman, King Krule, Surf Curse, Slow Hollows, and so many more. As expected, the fest 100% SOLD OUT (both GA and VIP).

See the full lineup below:


Lucky for you, we got a fair amount of festival footage, which is all available on YouTube. Scope it at the below playlist:

Here are some of our top highlights from this year’s Tropicalia:


Banes World


Banes World played at the end of the night at the latest timeslot, but his set did not disappoint. See the below video we captured of him playing The Place I’ll Be, Still Lovely, and Drowsy:


Slow Hollows


Slow Hollows played a wholesome and mellow set at the 8:00 hour which was the perfect intermission between moshing and dancing.


Beach Bums

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 10.01.12 PM

Beach Bums definitely had one of the wildest sets / crowds at Tropicalia. Everyone was crowdsurfing, including the Beach Bums frontman himself (pictured above).


Surf Curse


Surf Curse was definitely the set not to miss at Tropicalia. They don’t play very many live shows, so for a lot of attendees this was a festival highlight.


The Buttertones

The Buttertones were one of the first acts of the day, and despite that – they had a full crowd ready to dance and crowdsurf once the music began. Check it out:

Yellow Days

Yellow Days (from the UK)  made his grand debut in America at Tropicalia Fest. He’s only 19 years old, and his talent is incredible – I highly recommend you start listening to him.

(I was also fortunate enough to see Yellow Days again a couple of days later in Hollywood – that full set can be viewed here)


Check out our official Tropicalia YouTube playlist for live videos from other bands that played the festival: Inner Wave, Sadgirl, King Krule, Ginuwine, Cuco, Pity Party, and more.



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