Artist Discovery: October 2017


We’ve been sorting and rifling through music submissions all month, so here’s a little collection of some of our favorites. If you like anything you hear, please support the artist by purchasing the tracks through the links. Enjoy!



Pia Fraus – Field Ceremony


Earlier this month, dreampop veterans Pia Fraus released their new album, Field Ceremony (stream it via Bandcamp here). The group was formed nearly 20 years ago at an art school in Estonia, and Field Ceremony is their first full-length album in almost a decade. Check out the swirly tune, “Sugar High of the Year” below:



KITT vs KARR – Clouds EP

KITT vs KARR play music that they describe as space rock-dream pop. The atmospheric music takes unexpected turns that are surprisingly pleasing. Their newest EP, Clouds, came out this month. Stream the full album via Bandcamp here and give “Future 2” a listen below:



Mat Mastalerz – “Gravity”

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 9.41.04 PM

Mat Mastalerz plays downtempo electric indie music that is filled to the brim with emotion. The below single, Gravity, was based on a true crisis of his. The crisis? Well you have to figure that out for yourself by listening. Mat has his music available for streaming on Soundcloud.



Gilman Mom – “Houndstooth”

Gilman Mom plays music that would perfectly fit the soundtrack to Escape from Tomorrowland. If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s an extremely low budget film about a guy that goes with his family to Disneyland, gets some sort of flu, and is basically on a bad psychedelic trip the entire time. The cinematic echoey quality that Gilman Mom presents somehow transports you to an empty nightmarish Disneyland ride that is operating in perpetuity.

Listen to more Gilman Mom on Bandcamp.



Glass Horses – “Little Tricks”


Alternative-shoegaze-rock from London. Give “Little Tricks” a listen below, and if you like what you hear, listen to the rest of Glass Horses’ music via Bandcamp.



Corasandel – “Bee Today”


Corasandel wrote the song “Bee Today” for an award-winning play, Maisie Says She Loves Me. Mark and Jimmy of Corasandel were nice enough to give us a little spiel on the origins of the song and where the inspiration was drawn from:

“In response to the play, Maisie Says She Loves Me, we wanted to write a song that soothes and gives the listener the feeling that despite all the crap they might being going through. There is the chance of something new, something better. Maybe that’s just a dream, but it’s worth something.”

More Corasandel is available for listening on Soundcloud.



Carta – “Madeira”

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 10.43.29 PM

Carta plays music inspired by 90s post-rock. They’ve had a bit of a prolific discography since forming in the early 2000s. Listen to “Madeira” off of their latest album, The Sand Collector’s Dream, below, and listen to more of their music on Bandcamp.



And here are a few of my personal favorite discoveries this month that were not submissions:


Lulu’s – “Naynay”


Night Shop – “Your City”


Horsebeach – “It’s Alright”


Camp Howard – “Juice”


Soda Lillies – “Not Like Honey”




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