Top Releases of 2017 (so far)

August is here, and we are more than halfway through the year. I honestly thought the world was going to end by this time but here we are. 2017 has brought some pretty incredible releases, many more than what’s listed below.


In order by their release date, here are my top picks for this year (so far):


Ty Segall – Ty Segall (January 27)

Come on. We knew that Ty was going to start this year strong with a new full-length. This album reaches all corners of Ty Segall’s musical range – it’s guaranteed to make you fall in love with the garage-rock god all over again. “Orange Color Queen” was by far one of my favorite singles of 2017.














































Homeshake – Fresh Air (February 3)

If you haven’t listening to Homeshake, now would be a great time to start. Below is an actual comment from this video, and I think it is all that I need to say for this album.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 10.10.19 PM











































Meatbodies – Alice (February 10)

Not only is the album cover a Twin Peaks reference (awesome), but this album also came out on my birthday – so it totally deserves a place on this list. Meatbodies don’t even attempt to shy away from their royal garage sound, complete with circular riffs and treble-filled vocals that perfectly fits the band’s style.












































Hand Habits – Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) (February 10)

Meg Duffy (who also plays guitar for Kevin Morby) released her debut collection of intimate calming tunes. I typically don’t listen to the softer bedroom music, but this was definitely a breath of fresh air for me.









































Playboy Manbaby – Don’t Let It Be (February 25)

Playboy Manbaby are a strange band to say the least. Because they are so hard to explain, I wrote about them in detail in another post. This release was actually dedicated to our current President, so you can best believe it’s a good one.







































WHY? – Moh Lhean (March 3)

WHY? was actually my favorite artist/group when I was in high school. I totally fell in love with Alopecia (2008) and the overall weirdness that WHY? embraces. Yoni Wolf is an amazing artist with an unmatched vision, and each WHY? release has a strange cohesion within itself. It’s pretty incredible when a group is around long enough to reach and engage different generations.





































Okey Dokey – Love You, Mean It (March 3)

Okey Dokey are severely underrated. This album is full of upbeat and electrifying indie tunes with slight blues influences. This was definitely one of my top played albums for the summer of 2017.



































The Buttertones – Gravedigging (March 31)

The Buttertones went a lot more surfy with this one, but I can dig it. I don’t know how to explain it, but this music makes you feel like you’re a secret agent undercover as a beach lifeguard in the 60s.

































Kendrick Lamar – DAMN. (April 14)

I’m not a big Kendrick Lamar fan, but I really enjoyed this one! There were actually quite a few gems on this album, and I really liked the video for ELEMENT.































Mac Demarco – This Old Dog (May 5)

Mac Demarco is one of those artists I saw blow up before my own eyes. After Salad Days came out in 2014, Mac became a hipster staple. He totally deserves it, though. Mac does whatever Mac wants and he also may or may not be responsible for bringing back overalls.





























Wavves – You’re Welcome (May 19)

Full of angst. Wavves went a little less lo-fi with this one, but it is definitely still far from polished. It’s that sweet-spot for garage punk enthusiasts.



























Alex G (Sandy) – Rocket (May 19)

Alex G’s first release under his new moniker, Sandy! I actually remember when Alex G released DSU back in 2014. It was featured on a mix of new music from some music blog that I was following at the time. It stood out to me because I remember thinking that the album cover was just a tacky DIY cover made for the music mix that I downloaded. The somewhat homely yet comfortable album covers fit the music of Alex G/Sandy in a weird way.

























Beach Fossils – Somersault (June 2)

I’ve discussed this album in detail in another post but I thought that it deserved a spot on this list as well. Beach Fossils are a group near and dear to my heart, and they were another favorite band of mine when I was in high school. I just love what they produce. Even if this new album is a little too polished for my taste.























The Babe Rainbow – The Babe Rainbow (June 2)

Yes, it happened. The Babe Rainbow finally released an album, and it is full of psychedelic love-child goodness. It still baffles me that this band isn’t blowing up yet. Read more on this album on a previous post. It looks like the full album has been removed from the internet, but here’s a little taste of it for you:





















Kevin Morby – City Music (June 16)

Not many people know this, but I am a HUGE Kevin Morby fan. And by fan, I mean fan-girl. The Babies were a band that were too good to be true, but it’s probably better that the group is crystallized in the past as perfection. I digress, Kevin Morby has released some pretty beautiful music over the last few years under his own name, and City Music did not disappoint. This is definitely one of those albums you need to listen to in it’s entirety.




















Guantanamo Baywatch – Chest Crawl (August 4)

Guantanamo Baywatch was due for another album, and I knew 2017 would be the year. Surfy vibes, and dancing is a must when listening to this one (especially for the song “Video”). This album also features quite a few instrumental tracks that are pretty sweet! If you dig this then you definitely need to check out their 2012 release, Chest Crawl.




















Bernache – “Your Name” (February 6)















Strongboy – “Steady” (May 20)













BADBADNOTGOOD – “To You” (May 24)











The Growlers – “Late Bloomers” (June 2)









(Thee) Oh Sees – “Static God” (June 7)








Tyler, The Creator – “Who Dat Boy” (June 30)






Surf Rock Is Dead – “As If” (August 2)





L.A. Witch – “Untitled” (August 8)



Notable Mentions:


BADBADNOTGOOD – Late Night Tales Mix

Black Lips – Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art?

Bleeding Knees Club – Chew The Gum EP

Boys Age – Initiate (Best of Vol. 2)

Cotillon – The Afternoons

Crumb – Locket EP

The Drums – Abysmal Thoughts

Homeboy Sandman – Veins

The Orwells – Terrible Human Beings

See Through Dresses – Horse of the Other World

The Shivas – Turn Me On EP

Strongboy – Steady


And a special shoutout to all of the artists featured on Radio Trails that have also had new releases this year!

A Thousand Hours – Sleep (read the post)

Able Baker – Fall Through Sparks (read the post)

Antique Doll – “Airspeak” (single) & Veal (Doll Archives 2006-2009) (read the post)

Blushh – It’s Fine EP (read the post)

BEIJU – Demain EP (read the post)

Chaand Soorij – Wahid (read the post)

Cinema Hearts – Burned and Burnished (read the post)

Dream Haze – Wisher EP (read the post)

Lord Youth – “April 25th” (single) (read the post)

Mcbaise – “Le Jardin” (single) (read the post)

Weston Smith – Forest of Reflection (read the post)



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