Q&A: The Suncharms

suncharms1The Suncharms are the seemingly forgotten 90s shoegaze group – based out of Sheffield in the UK. After producing three EPs from 1990-1993, the band was never heard from again, and it was presumed that it was the end of the Suncharm era.

After a musical hiatus of nearly 25 years, The Suncharms released a retrospective album and are now going back to the recording studio this summer to let the magic flow once more. The revamped group will contain all of the same members, the same guitars, and the same dreamy-hazy sound.

Marcus (lead vocals) took some time to talk to me about how the reunion came about, and what the future holds for The Suncharms.
Hi Denae,
Hope you’re ok. The above shots are us back on stage after 24 years. It was wonderful to be back making noise with my creative comrades as well as great friends. We played our tracks from the early 90s and also a brand new track called ‘film soundtrack’. The old tracks felt fresh and new to us again and it was great to play them to a new audience.
The Suncharms released a retrospective album last year (2016) via Cloudberry Records which contains a collection of old and unreleased songs, plus demos. Marcus shared with me how that album (re)surfaced:

I came across a blog written by Roque (the owner of Cloudberry Records) who mentioned that he was playing our Ep Sparkle one afternoon on rotation in Miami. Our bass player Richard Farnell sent him a message saying how we were pleased to hear our music was still being enjoyed 20 years on from splitting.

A few months after, Richard bumped into Roque at Indietracks festival where he asked if he could release our EPs Sparkle & Tranquil Day, plus any unreleased stuff as retrospective CD album with a booklet. We accepted his kind offer.

This prompted us to meet up in a Sheffield pub to discuss the project and bring along photos and posters for the booklet. It was the first time we’d been in the same room for over 10 years. (We met up just as friends 10 years previously as a 10 year anniversary get-together since we split).

After the group’s reconnection with the 2016 retrospective release, they decided to give it a go and make a new record together.

It wasn’t long before conversation got onto whether we could do it again and whether we all wanted to. Luckily we all passionately wanted to be creative again and we all felt we had finished too soon without any of us really remembering why.

So lets see what comes out in the Studio in August.

Sun charms - 2016

The plan is to record a 2 track single for release in 2017, and then continue recording new stuff over the next few months until we can look to release an album. Definitely releases in 2017/18. Also looking to book more live shows starting in our home town.


Listen to their latest retrospective album below via Bandcamp:


And here’s a new video to an old song – “She Feels”


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You can also purchase their latest album and merch at Bandcamp and on AMAZON
(P.S. – They have made this album INCREDIBLY affordable – at only £5 for the digital copy!)


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