What’s New: Beach Fossils Drop 3 Singles

I was literally in high school the last time that Beach Fossils released an album (Clash The Truth).

Now they are back and have dropped three singles (and three new music videos) from their upcoming album, Somersault. With Somersault, Beach Fossils are expanding on their sound and facilitating the introduction new instruments into their music – such as strings, piano, and flute. This album is expected to be an “expanded sonic palette” of what the band has to offer.

Lyrically, what’s been released sounds a little angsty, lonely, and heartbroken. There’s even a line in Saint Ivy that goes “don’t believe in Jesus, heaven knows I’m wasting my time.” Sounds pretty depressing, right? But the very much eminent alternative shoegaze-y sound that Beach Fossils are known for counterbalances the sadness and translates it into a hopeful and pure sound. It’s great driving music, but it’s also music perfect for when you’re laying down and doing nothing.










Pre-order Somersault on Bayonet Records out June 2nd 2017.


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