Playlist: Soak City

Summer is just around the corner! This playlist is sure to get you in the mood for beach days, sunburns, and day drinking. Featuring 50s-esque surf ballads, sun soaked indie tunes, and hot n’ hazy garage jams.


  1. Bare Wires – Ain’t Worth Walking Away (0:00)
  2. Bass Drum of Death – Young Pros (1:47)
  3. Atlantic Thrills – Day At The Beach (4:25)
  4. Tijuana Panthers – New Boots (7:13)
  5. Strange Hands – Love Illusion (9:35)
  6. Splashh – Vacation (12:23)
  7. Millionaire Beach Bums – Calhoun Surf (15:22)
  8. Balue – Good Reason (17:10)

Download the playlist .zip here (via MediaFire) and check out the full length version of the playlist on Spotify:










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