Artist Spotlight: Frankie & The Witch Fingers


Frankie & The Witch Fingers have been cultivating the soundtrack to a desert acid trip since their first release in 2013. Their sound ranges from the heavy garage riffs of Sidewalk, to the stoney wasteland tunes of their self-titled.

If you have any doubts just watch the video below and you’ll get a pretty good feel as to what Frankie & The Witch Fingers are all about.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a huge fan of Spotify and it is pretty much my main source of listening to and finding new music. Sidewalk was released in 2013, but it was only just available on Spotify a few weeks ago. This album is a true gem so I decided to give it a little review blurb:

Sidewalk (2013): An angsty vagabond on an acid trip in
the desert wanders into a whisky bar that exists in his
imagination. Sidewalk is the punk inside all of us, sedated
by mellow undertones that still make you want to mosh and
dance. Sidewalk is wanting to punch a wall, but realizing
that your hand is already broken. Sidewalk is just taking
the time to stop what you call a routine and start
something that makes you uncomfortable.

Just… listen.

Favorite tracks: Sidewalk & Thinking About You

Purchase the album through BandCamp here.



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