Artist Spotlight: Aesop Rock

22He’s not a “new” artist per se – in fact, Aes has been putting albums out since Music For Earthworms in 1997. His most recent project was released in 2016, so let’s just say things aren’t slowing down for him anytime soon. I’m going to take some time to discuss The Impossible Kid, which was largely under appreciated in 2016.

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t think I was going to like The Impossible Kid when it first came out. The artwork seemed too mod and vibrant, a few of the songs seemed too funky for my taste, and lyrically, a few songs just didn’t seem to live up to be true Aes masterpieces. Of course, this was my first impression – I know that Aes is a true genius and that I was required to give the record a chance. Don’t believe me? Check out the chart below (Yes, that is Aesop Rock on the far right).

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 8.21.42 PMRead the full article here.

Instead of releasing the album like a regular artist, Aes did something completely different – he hired someone to produce a (nearly) shot-by-shot recreation of The Shining using small figurines, and then he used The Impossible Kid as the soundtrack to the footage. Pretty outlandish, right? But it worked, really really well.








Now he caught my attention. Not to mention the other rad music videos that followed the release of the album

like Rings,









and Dorks.






Even the video for Kirby was pretty clever and well-made. Not to mention, adorable.




After listening to this album all the way through, you will realize that it’s definitely his most personal one to date. He covers topics such as his bond with his brothers, going to therapy (and then getting a therapy kitten), aging, and becoming one with nature. A majority of this record was actually conceived in an isolated barn in the woods, which is pretty badass.

Like what you heard above? Start your Aesop Rock binge with Skelethon (2012). The full album stream (below) is nearly an hour of go-karting footage in first-person view.





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